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Acute Care Management  Support App

The Team

Ori Avihail - Project Manager, Tech, IAI

Nadine Levick - MD, MPH, FACEM Emergency Physician, and Interdisciplinary Researcher, Assuta Ashdod, and CEO, Founder EMS Safety Foundation

Professor (Rachel) Yaffa Zisk Rony - PhD, RN, MPH, Professor Hebrew University School of Nursing

Amit Boukai - MPH, Tel-Aviv University and MD Candidate, Technion American Medical School

Sarit Shahroor-Kami - MD Director Pediatric ICU Shaarei Tzedek Hospital

Jeffrey Green - MD, Emergency Physician, Assuta Hospital, Ashdod, Milwaukee VA Medical Center

Jack Kustanowitz - BS, MS CEO, Peak 360 Ltd Israel, Mountain Pass Technologies, USA

The Challange

The rapidly changing landscape of the COVID-19 epidemic, along with all the unknowns about the disease, has made it more challenging than in normal times, to establish an evidence-based acute care management approach. 


A huge additional burden is placed on medical teams due to a surge in the number of acute patients flooding hospitals and the attrition of skilled providers due to the spread of the disease to medical staff. The result is that the increased demand for skilled physicians and nurses in Emergency Medicine and Critical Care cannot be met and hospitals are being forced to take Cross skilling measures, (using health care providers from non-critical-care settings), to quickly up-skill health care students and other recruited providers not involved in direct patient care, or to recruitment retired former doctors.


This team sought to address the challenges posed by operating with emergency staff under energy circumstances by distilling treatment intervention information into a digestible format that can quickly be shared with staff at the forefront of treatment, no matter what their prior knowledge or experience. Additionally, they designed a solution that can be readily updated as information changes.

The Solution

The team has developed a real-time, continually updated, in-your-hand tool for the acute healthcare provider. The Covid19AcuteMx Support App will collect optimal and current evidenced-based opinions, evidence and relevant educational resources, and distill and compile them into one simple to navigate multiplatform mobile App for Android, iOS, and web. The app will act as a support and guide to non-ICU and non-Emergency Medicine providers (for example Plastic Surgeon, Medical Student, Nurse Practitioner) in managing acute Covid19 patients. It also serves as comprehensive adjunct support and ready reference tool, operating in accordance with the medical institution’s existing policies. 


The primary functions of the application can be summarised as follows:

• Decision support tool 

• Acute care management (Mx) guide 

• Educational resource 

• Provide Reference information 

• Issue disease and treatment alerts 

Current status

As of 2020/04/23, the team had successfully passed the following milestones: 


  • Completed a comprehensive global search of Covid19 acute care management material from web sites, scientific papers, online references and tools, Twitter and other search engines.

  • Integrated and linked all identified information and data into a Wireframe layout, updated all information

  • Designed compelling UX interface (see Fig. 1. 4 sample screenshots with descriptive info, Fig 2. Close up initial screenshot) – initially, as a web interface and subsequently, to be adapted for iOS and Android 

  • Determined completion timeline and resources for initial Web platform to be operational within the Sprint COVID time-frame this month, and for iOS and Android App to be built subsequently (an expected 2-week process)

What’s Next

The next steps are to begin a rapid peer review of draft material, refine the UX design, and then deploy the Web platform. Android and IOs builds proposed to follow. The team hopes to launch the Web platform as a pilot version for evaluation and then will begin to disseminate the app for wider usage and undergo the process of monitoring and evaluate effectiveness and update accordingly. Additional funding will be sought when entering the global deployment phase for the android and iOs app Covid19AcuteMx support tools.

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