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Application for managing and updating hospital employees

The Team

Zion Shaul - Project Manager, COO

Kfir Ochana - SW developer

Eliran Giladi - Biotechnology engineering

Roei Adler - Qa, Automation testing(javascript)

Nicki Kons - Intranets, future of work, Risk management

Uri Dubin - HW, SW, Algorithms, AI & ML, PhD in Neuroscience.

Shalom Elkin - SW developer and architect, 50 years experience

Omer Hertz - Fullstack developer 

Revital Sheleg - SW developer and data scientist 

Ifaat Shachaf - SW engineer, technical leader, application engineer

Sharon Alroy - Deputy CEO Carmel Medical Center (MD)

Vitaly Yurin - Quality Leader Carmel Medical Center (RN)

Yehudit Shvarz - IT director Carmel Medical Center

Paul Kleinberger - Inventor

Avita Cohen - QA

Almog Nahari - Software developer at IDF, Practical software engineer

Lior Azroel - QA Automation engineer & DevOps & SW developer

Tamara Sluzkiy - Practical software engineer

Yoel Aharoni - QA Automation engineer

The Challange

In a busy hospital environment where things change from minute to minute, it has become increasingly difficult to keep hospital workers updated and to manage staff. The challenge was to provide a secure system for managing and updating hospital staff throughout the working day.

The Solution

The team recognized the need for a centralized, traceable messaging system that will ensure that workers are in-the-know at all times and receive the most up-to-date information as it is rolled out. Hospital staff must be informed immediately when team members leave the hospital and all message senders must receive verification that their message was received and read. All the information shared across such a system must be secure.

The team developed message management tools that can send personal messages to hospital staff via a Telegram system. The system filters and sends messages to the relevant staff members and teams. Management of the system hospital-side is via an easy-to-use bot that messages hospital staff through the Telegram application. 

The system is fast to implement requiring that hospital staff only install the Telegram application on their device. Versions are available for all devices including Mobile, Tablet, and PC.

Current status

The system is being developed through an implementation process at Carmel Hospital.

What’s Next

The team are currently developing two additional features for the admin. This includes a message approval report and a reminder system telling hospital staff to read unread messages


The next steps are to hand over the system to hospital IT for maintenance and to work in conjunction with medical teams to find out what additional features are needed as the demands of the situation change.

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