NIV Helmets

The Project

“In one week, the team defined, developed and manufactured 5 units which meet all requirements and are ready for manufacturing and clinical phase.”

The Team

Einat – Project leader, Rafael

Dr. Yaron – Technical leader, Rafael

Yoav  – Mechanical leader, Rafael

Itai  – System engineer, Rafael

Prof, Sharon Anav – Shaare Zedek Medical Center, Jerusalem

Dr. Zeev Sunis – Galil Medical Center, Nahariya

Zriha Hlavin Industries

Supergum Industries

Covid 19 Sprint Team



The Challanges

Protecting medical staff from contamination caused by constant contact with ventilated covid-19 patients.

The Solution

Quick development and manufacturing of CPAP-NIV "helmet"-like masks, based on clinically used components.


Current status

  • 5 prototypes have been initially tested in labs and hospitals with good performance results (0 leaks, safety performance as required). 

  • The Ministry of Health has approved a short "special" clinical trial to confirm safety. The trial will take place in Shaare Zedek Jerusalem.

  • The product is ready for production by a certified medical device manufacturer – Zriha Halavin Industries and Supergum.

What’s Next

Next steps include conducting the clinical trial to confirm safety, receive approval and financing from the Ministry of Health, and then start manufacturing in order to supply to hospitals.