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Disposable Protective Suit

The Team

Gil Dotan - Team Leader

Gila Bram - Textile & Fashion designer

Karin Aharoni - Chemical Engineer and Design

Avihai Shurin - Industrial Design

Boaz Lazar - Industrial Design

Avia Levitan - Chemical Engineer

Tal Atlas - Chemistry

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WhatsApp Image 2020-04-27 at

The Challange

To respond to the widespread challenge of finding sufficient personal protective gear for Medical Teams working with COVID-19 patients. Research in hospitals shows that one of the greatest threats of contamination for medical personnel occurs while putting on and taking off protective gear. This team sought to find a solution to this issue as well.

The Solution

The team designed an easy-to-wear, two-piece disposable protective suit made from water repellent materials. The suit has been specifically designed to be extremely easy to slip in and out of (without needing assistance from others) by 'peeling' it from the inside out. The unique design drastically reduces the risk of contamination during dressing and undressing.

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Current status

A prototype has been created and 10 suits are being manufactured. The fabric and the PPE have already been tested for compliance, following which further in-field testing will take place at Assuta Hospital, Ashdod. 

The team is constantly checking the raw material inventory in the industry which is in high demand by other uses.

What’s Next

The next step will be to carry out further in-field testing at a major hospital and to produce a PPE.

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