Adaptive Split Ventilator System

The Project

Adaptive split ventilator system enables parallel ventilation, individual monitoring and ventilation pressures control for each lung simulators

Experimental Report

The Team

Sarit Hadar Shahroor,MD

Yarden Sarouf,MD 

Leav Oz-Ari

Gilad M, Rafael

Joseph K, Rafael

Leshem N, Rafael

Neta Z, Rafael

Naor M, Rafael

Amir B, Rafael

Rotem L, Rafael

The Challanges

The number of patients requiring invasive ventilation may exceed the number of available ventilators. This challenge led to the concept of splitting one ventilator between several patients.  

The Solution

When hospitals run out of an adequate supply of ventilators for all patients requiring invasive ventilation, they may consider co-venting even though the safe and reliable ventilation method is one-to-one ventilator to patient ratio. The adaptive split ventilator system enables parallel ventilation with increased safety, monitoring, and ventilation-pressure control of each patient. Achieving independence between co-vent patients would enable effective coping with different individual clinical scenarios and broaden the pairing possibilities of patients connected to a single ventilator.

Current status

The final design and prototype have been completed, and a successful test took place at Rafael. During the test, the splitter was able to continue supporting a simulated patient with undisturbed parameters while the co-vent patient was simulated to be disconnected, experiencing an air leak, or exhibiting lung-compliance deterioration. The product is currently undergoing the approval process with the Ministry of Health.

What’s Next

The project has been submitted for publication in “Resuscitation” (awaiting a response) and for medRxiv preprint. We are looking for additional medical publicity opportunities to spread the word about this unique ability to use a ventilator for more than one patient.