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Alternative Ventilation Mechanisms

"I had the privilege of working with the best minds in Israel to solve the respiratory problem in light of the outbreak of the virus.

- Mordechai Halfon, an officer in IDF

The Team

Mordechai Halfon - Team Leader

Stav Bar-Sheshet - Mechanical Leader

Gil Bachar - Electronics Leader

Ronen Zilberman - Programming Leader

Elad Grozovsky - Medical Advisor

Yvgeny Konstantinovsky - Production

Roi Darnell - Coding and Design

Ivry Shapira - Consultant

The Challange

Hospitals are expecting to run out of BiPAP ventilators as the number of covid-19 patients in need of breathing assistance could increase exponentially. An alternative solution is needed to fill the gap. 

The Solution

A simple, pipe-based respirator system using inexpensive and disposable parts that also includes a patient breathing-monitoring system.

Current status

An initial prototype was assembled and successfully tested for pressure and air flow. The code for the breathing monitoring system is in advanced stages of development. The system has been approved in principle by Assuta Hospital in Ashdod and the Ministry of Health.

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