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Portable Negative Pressure Unit

The Team

Hamutal Weisz - Project Director

Dr. Sarit Hadar Shachror - Children’s ICU Doctor

Rotem Galili Fefer - PMO

The Challanges

When Coronavirus patients suffer from mild-moderate hypoxic respiratory failure and are supported by a nasal cannula or non-invasive ventilation, they can diffuse the virus into their surroundings and therefore might infect the medical teams treating them

The Solution

A “plug and play” portable negative pressure tent/canopy that can be connected to any bed in any hospital will enable patients to receive the treatment they need while filtering the air flowing out through a HEPA filter, keeping the virus contained.

The tent is equipped with an exit valve for tubes, gloves for treating patients, and an emergency access panel in case of an urgent need to ventilate the patient.

Current status

The Beit El Group in Zichron Ya’akov has been working with hospitals and creating air filtration systems for years. Among their products are different negative pressure chambers, so they were in a prime position to use their expertise and customize their existing products to create a ready-to-market negative pressure tent for this project.

After several prototypes the tent is now set up at Assuta Ashdod hospital for a trial. A few other hospitals are also already taking an interest and testing the product.

What’s Next

Once the trial is complete, mass production can begin.

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