Remote Diagnostics

The Team

Gil Nachmani - Team Leader

Michael Ben Ezra, Bar Ben David, Maor Mutzafi, Pinhas Blau, Or Dahan, Ziv Sevilia, Gal Harari, Aner Lev, Matan Hoffman, Alex Efros, Tsahi Mosenzon, Eran Hochstadter, Sagi Polani, Goni Goren, Limor Amit, Zuf Ben Avraham, Sigal Shafran Tikva, Adir Sommer, Yoram Liran, Oriya Levi, Eyal Shukrun, Liad Ben Ori, Lavi Somars, Michal Goldberger, Amir Melnikov, Boris Zlotnikov, Alexey Polonsky, Elyasaf Arieli, Vitali Zvonov, Yulia Gurevich, Fabio Giller, Haim Danino, Dan Savin, Nitzan Hodos, Tom Dadon.

The Challange

Identifying potential coronavirus symptoms, using a set of contactless sensors, in order to prevent people with the virus from entering public places such as hospital emergency rooms.

The Solution

The development of a rapid remote diagnostic system that can measure certain metrics at a distance of a few meters away from the operator. This will allow people to be tested at a safe distance before gaining entry to a public place. The device will measure pulse, breathing rate, temperature, oxygen saturation, eye redness and use a laser-based optical stethoscope.

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Current status

Measuring pulse and breath: integrated an existing prototype of an optical microphone to remotely measure pulse and breath. Tests from 5 meters away were successful with minimal discrepancies (+/- 5% for pulse rate and +/- 1 breaths per minute for the breathing rate).

Temperature: temperature was successfully measured from 4.5 meters away using a thermal imager, together with an algorithm that determines the point on the body from which to measure the temperature. Initial tests showed an accuracy of within 0.3 degrees.

Oxygen Saturation: Currently in development - a prototype will be complete in a couple of weeks.

Optical stethoscope: A prototype was built, signal-to-noise ratio is still too low.

What’s Next

Eye Redness: testing for eye redness/conjunctivitis will be done using video and an algorithm which was already developed. 

Optical Stethoscope: Continue working to refine the optical stethoscope which was tested using a laser at a distance of 2 meters. Initial testing revealed too much background noise.