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Diagnostic Smartphone App

The Team

Gil Nachmani - Team Leader

Yoni Svechinsky - Product Manager

Yarin Azoulay - Programmer

Niv Saparov - Programmer

Or Dicker - Developer

Pinhas Blau - Developer

Roey Wunsh - Programmer

Rotem Samuel - Programmer

Elizabeth Langerman - Programmer

Alfredo Limin - UX Designer

Eitan Navon - Signal Processing

Joseph Roitman - Signal Processing

Noam Krupnik - Developer

Ofir Assif - Head of Programmers Team

Itay Stopel - Programmer

Benel Tayar - Programmer

Amit Klein - Programmer

Ilay Menahem - Programmer

Asaf Abas - Developer

Michael Birk - Developer

Oriya Levi - Algorithm Developer

Eyal Asulin - Developer

The Challange

With the fear surrounding the coronavirus outbreak, health facilities are overloaded with patients - some of whom are infected and some of whom are actually healthy. The challenge is to help people monitor their symptoms and determine whether or not they need to seek medical attention in order to ease the burden of health care facilities and emergency medical services.

The Solution

Development of a smartphone app that can measure key vital signs and combine with answers to a questionnaire in order to give an accurate recommendation whether to seek follow-up medical care. The information will also help medical professionals determine what types of follow-up tests are necessary.

Current status

What’s Next

An initial version of the app has been developed. By placing a finger on the camera, the app can measure pulse, breath rate and blood oxygenation. A prototype for a simple (<100 NIS) stethoscope is being developed, to be distributed to people at risk - at home or in hospitals.

Improvement of the saturation measurement algorithm, the lungs crackles diagnosis algorithm and the smartphone stethoscope prototype. Development of a questionnaire to go along with the vital sign collection. Further work with Mada, Kupot Holim and Hospitals to fine-tune the app requirements.

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