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Sprint Management

Dr. Tal Patalon

Head of Innovation Department at "Asuta Ashdod" Hospital

Steering Committee 

Guy Spigelman

Business Development Manager at Amazon, Israel

Steering Committee

Tomer Ofir 

Medical  Services Section Manager at Amazon, Israel

Steering Committee

Yaniv Schneider

Development Center Manager at Rafael, Tel Aviv

Steering Committee

Doris Pitilon

Head of Ground Force Innovation lab , IDF

Steering Committee
Sprint Manager

Itay Ketko

Officer at the Medical Innovation Branch, IDF 

Steering Committee

Dr. Aryeh Houminer

Medical Teams Leader

Marina Darlow

Technology Projects Manager

Operations Coordinator

Yaniv Minkov


Knowledge Management Leader

Vered Nusboim

Head of Clinical Trials at "Asuta Ashdod" Hospital

Medical Researches Coordinator

Gil Sharabi


Round 2 Team Leader

Moshe Turjeman

System Engineer, IDF

Round 1 Team Leader

Miya Alkalai

Clinical Trials at "Asuta Ashdod" Hospital

Medical Researches

Dr. Sigal Shafran Tikva

Founding Director, Research & Innovation Center in Nursing at Hadassah

Clinician Teams Leader

Round 1

Develop a system for non-invasive testing of large groups of patients

Remote Diagnostics

Diagnosis via Smartphone App

Heuristic Test

Create alternative ventilation mechanisms to address the shortage that will occur

Pipe Based Breathing System


CPAP Helmet

Respirator Splitter

Provide better personal protection for healthcare workers

Walk-in Protective Suit

Disposable Protective Suit

Creating a system which reduces the over-burdening of hospitals

HOSP: Decision Support Tool

Develop a no-touch patient interaction and care solution for quarantined/isolated patients

Therpeutic Robot

Respiratoy and Biosignals

Anchor 1

Round 2

Ensure that patients in isolation can be cared for without the medical team touching them

Portable Negative Pressure Unit

 Keep hospital staff continuously informed and updated on constantly changing regulations

Managing and Updating App for Hospital Employees

Develop communication systems for families of ICU patients

Remote Communication with Families of Critically-ill Patients

Rapidly guides teams for treatment

Acute Care Management  Support App

"A bridge that bridges clinical needs and technology-integrating solutions. A welcome meeting between people who speak the same language but come up with a different content and concepts world."
- Yaffa Zisk Rony - Professor of Nursing School of Hadassah School and Hebrew University, "Bat Ami" nurse for the treatment of victims of sexual assault Hadassah Medical Center Ein Kerem.
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